About us

Welcome to dekoracia.net – your online shop where you can order self-adhesive PVC stickers for your place!


There is a great variety of about 3000 designs on our website, categorized into: animals, flowers, sign and symbols, child's world, ornaments and other sections. You can pick from a variety of colors and three fixed sizes, but you can also state any other size of your liking. Additional options are: orientation of your image /normal or mirrored/ or stencil usage. If you desire, your sticker can also be made of a special kind of film transparent, metallic-like, etch imitation etc. Ordering a sticker of your own design is possible too. You should just attach a file of an appropriate file format in the corresponding section in "categories".


Our stickers are made of PVC film and your image is cut into that film using a plotter. The applications are covered with application tape paper, which makes it easy to install the sticker on the desirable surface. No special skills or preliminary preparations are needed. Detailed help on how to do all this, you can find in a dedicated section of the website, called: Application helpIn your delivery package we will put your sticker ready for installing as well as a squeegee. With its help you'll apply your image more easily.


Our stickers could be used for decorating walls, doors, windows, glass-cases, ceilings, furniture, electric appliances, cars, motor bikes, phones etc. They are suitable for all kinds of even and smooth surfaces metal, glass, wood, ceramic, plasters and wall-papers.


Except for long lasting decorations, you can use the stickers for just one occasion – a birthday party, holiday, New Year's celebration and unstick them on the very next day with no problem.


Decorating with stickers becomes ever more popular lately. It is a fast, effective, funny and relatively cheep way to change the interior of your house. While using our applications and your imagination, you can turn any room into a unique world of shapes and colors. Stickers, applied on walls or ceilings can change any premises completely and add to its atmosphere, while stressing on your individuality at the same time. With their help you'll amaze your guests and make your home cozier but not only that. You can also transform your office or shop, the general looks of a car, computer, cellphone or whatever else you like. They all will become distinctively original and easily remembered. You'll be surprised by the final result!


You just need to activate your imagination and we will help you make your ideas real!

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