Stickers of your own design

Price: 0.00 BGN. *
* Price is determined according to the sticker's complexity, for which we will inform you additionally.

File in vector format **

** Please, choose you file/s in one of the following formats:
.eps, .cdr, .ai или .svg.




black citrine light yellow yellow dark yellow orange light red tomato red red dark red brown-red cyclamen light pink violet purple ultra light green light green green dark green ultra dark green sky blue light blue blue saturated blue dark blue ultramarine deep see blue cobalt steel blue light grey grey dark grey light beige beige ochre light brown dark brown white


To use special medias /metallic-like, etch imitation, transparent film etc./ click HERE and write the color ID number it the order description /a slight color variation is possible, in accordance to you monitor's calibration/.
Stickers of your own design  
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