Application help

The package that the delivery firm will bring to you contains your sticker – ready for installing – and a plastic squeegee, which you will use for applying the sticker on the surface you want.


The sticker consists of:


•  A layer of PVC film on backing paper with a thin layer of glue in between them. Your graphics is the contoured image that is cut into the film.


•  Application tape paper, which is the semitransparent piece of paper that covers the entire application on the front side. It also has a layer of glue on the back but it's relatively weaker and it serves to protect the application integrity in the delicate moment after removing the backing paper and before applying the graphics to the desired surface. It makes the process of installing a lot easier.




After receiving your sticker and before applying it, you should carefully clean the surface you have chosen, using appropriate cleaning products to that effect. Careful cleaning secures better adhesiveness of the film and its longer lifespan. Now is the time to warn you that PVC films demand temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius in order to stick properly to walls and other surfaces.


The basic steps you should observe while installing your application are as follows:


1. Take your sticker out of the package and unfold it if it's rolled up /it will be if it's too big/. If the application tape paper is waved after unfolding, leave it for a while to smooth out.


2. Place the sticker with the face down on a flat surface. If your sticker is relatively small, you can remove the backing paper entirely, starting from its one end and pulling to the other, while observing that the PVC film and the application tape paper below remain intact.


• In the process of removing the backing paper, sometimes small parts of your image may come off with it. In such a case, you should gently slide back the backing paper and gently press upon it. Then you may try again. The final result should be your PVC application sticking to the application tape paper only and the backing paper completely removed.


• For the reason that the backing paper doesn't protect the PVC film now, you should be very careful not to touch the application with fingers or objects because it will compromise the glue and make the application useless.


3. After removing the backing paper, you carefully turn the application over while holding it by the edges and place its upper part to the place you've chosen to install it. The remaining part of your application shouldn't touch the surface! Then you may start gently gliding with the squeegee over the application tape on the sticker's front side, which is already fixed. We suggest that it would be horizontally, starting from the middle outwards. After each pass, you should move down to a lower level. You should observe that no pockets of air are left locked between the film and the place you are applying it to. When you've finished, the glue on the backside of the PVC film should've permanently fixed your image to the surface and you may start gradually removing the application tape. You make sure that no parts of your image come off with it. If so you carefully put back the paper, press upon it, and try again.


• In case that your sticker is a rather big one, you would better take a different approach. You should remove the backing paper slowly and continuously in the very process of applying the sticker to the desirable surface. In order to do that, you should remove the backing paper only partially  – we suggest that it would be the upper part of the application. After doing so, you should fix the processed area of your image to the place you want, while observing that the backing paper is hanging down folded. Then you start gently pulling it down, while gliding with the squeegee upon the sticker's front side so that the image sticks to the surface. Generally, we recommend that bigger stickers should be applied by two people.


4. After you have applied your image to the surface using the squeegee, you have to remove the application tape paper from the sticker's front side. You should start pulling the paper slowly at an acute angle, starting from the upper side downward or diagonally. Another approach is to start processing from the direction where more rounded shapes of the graphics are. You may encounter a certain resistance while doing so due to the glue on the back side of the paper. Be careful that no parts of the PVC film from the image come off with it. If it happens, don't worry. You just carefully glide back the application tape, press harder upon it, and then try again.


• After you have fully removed the application tape paper, you may slide the plastic squeegee along the edges of your installed image in order to secure that they have stuck well to the surface. Don't press too hard, gentle movements should be enough. Note that a few hours should pass before the glue of the PVC film reaches optimal adhesiveness.


5. There it is now! You may enjoy your new decoration!

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